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We are here 4U

Do you struggle with challenges like depression, social anxiety, uncertainty? Have you tried traditional healing methods like therapy but with no success? Maybe it’s time to ty something new! The 4U Healing Hub offers alternative treatments that focus on openness to work towards a balanced you. We free the blockages of the mind or body to help you set a balance to your life. We’ll work with you to uncover areas in your mind, body and spirit.

We will guide, coach and counsel you in the areas of your life that require new focus in mind. Body and spirit.

Please visit the subscribe section of our website, choose the package that best suits your needs and within w8 hours, one of our advocates will contact you via phone, video or live meeting.

Disclaimer: The 4U Healing Hub personnel are NOT psychiatric or medical professionals. We are a team of holistic healers that offer alternative practices to help you achieve positive outcomes in your life’s challenges.

Meet the founder!

My name is Colleen (Kelly) Blackwell.   I’m a 51 year old women who retired from the high-tech industry after almost 30 years of amazing opportunities for personal growth, in addition to helping people and brands experience similar growth.  I am grateful to have gone through this personal growth process myself, and I now have a life filled with and based upon love.  The key?  Loving yourself first!

My personal experience had been one of being UNBALANCED for years, and being unaware of this unbalance.  I was also discouraged by observing others who were sick and tired of being sick and tired, hooked on prescriptions medications, feeling unbalanced in mind, body, or spirit, seeing them lack the motivation to overcome their challenges, heal and move forward.  For these reasons, the 4U Healing Hub was founded.  The 4U Healing Hub is also based on the successful 6-year track record of Win2ition.org, which was founded to afford the single parent community the opportunity to heal and alleviate the stress for more productive, loving, and focused community and home base.

There are few guarantees in life; however, the 4U Healing Hub can assist you in moving towards balance and wellness.  We can assign you an advocate to help open your heart and mind to the life you are meant to have, and assist you along your journey with the most appropriate and effective advisors and partnerships now available in the holistic world of healing.

Your sessions are 100% confidential. The 4UHealingHub.com Website will be completed by the end of May 2018.  Until then please Email us, (info@4UHealingHub.com), with as much of your story you’d like to share and finish the email with the best days, times and how to contact you.

Lastly, its your willingness to invest in yourself and follow through with the plan we assist you in developing.  If after 3 attempts you do not follow through on the plan then you will be removed as a client.  It is our goal to maximize everyone’s valuable time on this earth and be as effective and efficient as possible! We will be dedicated to those that are dedicated to doing their work!  The 4U Healing Hub highly emphasizes and stresses the concept of ‘rinse and repeat’;  our work is never done and we are a constant work in progress!

We have a Sliding Scale for payments for clients and set rates for advisers and partners. Our client fees are based on your capability to pay or INVEST in yourself.  We don’t ever want to hear I CANNOT afford to invest in myself, which means we will work with you based on your true ability to pay.  Remember that this is a hand up not a hand out!.

We are grateful we have been called to provide these services to people who desire to live their FULLEST LIFE NOW!


Get started! Please click the button below to fill out our patient Questionnaire to start the process of becoming a new you!